Minutes from AGM 22nd May 2023.

Present: Mark Mayer, Sarah Sugden, Nicki Turley, John Butt, Van​essa Butt, ​Karen Hinks.
Apologie​​s​:​ Monique Lauder

1 Opening of the meeting
2 Presenting the previous AGM minutes
3 Chairman’s report
4 Treasurer’s report 
5 Secretary’s repor
6 Minutes from Meeting

Dear Members

listed above are links to the reports and minutes from the AGM meeting held on Google Meet as well as link to the full meeting presented online via facebook live. I apologise for the echo in some of the video, no one watching told me this was happening. Here are some highlights of what happened in the meeting.

John, Vanessa and Monique have stood down as trustees of the group, we wished them all the best in the future and all the hard work they have put into making the group what it is today. A collection has been started towards a leaving gift for them, anyone interested in donation to contact us. 

Nicki has put her name forward for the role of Treasure, Sarah has put her name forward for the roll of Secretary, if there are no objections this will be carried. I will remain as your chairperson. We are looking for new members  to join the community and Trustees, as meetings will mainly going to be online it will make it easier for you to attend, I don’t want anyone to feel they can not take on the responsibility, we will guide you through the process,   

The Yearly AGMs will be held online when possible, if this is agreed by members it will give you all the opportunity to interact with the board of trustees and give feedback on what we do next. I know many of you struggle to get to the family days when we normally hold the AGMs 

Our financial situation is strong and we are looking at ways to spend this money on helping you all. A full copy of the report can be found here. Financial Report.

Family day will be held on  July 16th For the family day which will be held at Thames Valley Adventure Playground –  Bath Rd, Taplow, Maidenhead SL6 0PR. you can register your attendance here https://wdssg.org/wds-family-day-acceptance-form/  look forward to seeing you if you can make it.

AOB if you could give feedback and accept these minutes by clicking on this link provided feedback form this will be most helpful. If we do not hear back from you we will also accept this to be there is no objections to the changes made within the committee.

Kind Regards,
Mark Mayer,